Council Admin Login has Moved!

The administrator login area for your council website has moved. Please read new instructions below.

Please visit your EPC website address (example: and use the Member Login option on the site to access all administrative options, which have not changed. The log in button is in the upper right corner.

After logging in as a member, look for the floating red ADMIN button on the left edge of your browser and click to gain access to your administrative pages. You will also see Council Administration links in you site's menu and footer, once you are logged in as a member.

Please note that you must be marked as an “active” member of your EPC to log in using this method. If you are not currently noted as an active member (most often applies to administrators / executive directors, please contact NAEPC to make the change). If you have any questions or trouble logging in, please contact or call (866) 226-2224.

* * *

Why has this changed?

This new admin area provides streamlined access to the administration area of the website without going to a secondary internet address. In addition, the new process will assist in the reconfiguration of the council member login system that will allow your council to adopt the policy of using your members' email addresses as their usernames instead of remembering some other username. This should help you to administer member logins, which are becoming increasingly necessary for RSVP, renewal and member self-management features. Once you get to the admin screens, you can read more about how to adopt this policy for your council.